Rebuild Kit for TS-2.2 and TS-2 Truing Stands

Rebuild Kit for TS-2.2 and TS-2 Truing Stands


The TS-RK includes the following:

  • 1 – #211S Main Shaft
  • 4 – #749-1 Bearing Washer
  • 2 – #748-1 Needle Bearing
  • 2 – #209-2 Shaft Adjusting Collar
  • 1 – #229 Spring
  • 4 – #232-2 Split Nylon Bushing
  • 2 – #235-2 Split Nylon Bushing
  • 1 – #222-SR Right Caliper Spring
  • 1 – #222-SL Left Caliper Spring
  • 1 – Set of Installation and Adjustment Instructions
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The TS-RK is a complete rebuild kit for the TS-2 truing stand. It is complete with the most commonly replaced small parts and the instructions needed to get your stand back into top working condition. In addition to making the stand more accurate and reliable, once installed, the new parts also allow the stand to be readjusted much more easily, should it be thrown out of adjustment. This is a great addition to the older TS-2 stands. If your stand has silver-colored shaft collars, upgrade with the TS-RK.


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